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Experience india!
Don´t you wish for a holiday in India with
- a local guide who really knows what´s what in terms of food, local attractions and culture?
- the chance to improve your health in a stress-free way?
- a non-touristy approach to the culture and philosophy?

Congratulations! You found what you were looking for.

Kerstin Einhorn, Master of Yoga and teacher of the Ayurveda nutritional science will introduct you to the pristine beauty of India and, at the same time, help you to transform your life. Health and inner happiness can take a real turn for the better with Yoga and Ayurveda combined.

To feel healthy and good, there is no need to train for hours on a daily base; also, you don´t have to yoin strange religions.

It´s just this: you were interested, weren´t you, in a life without fast food and back pain...?

If you have been planning to go to India for a long time, but you just weren´t sure about the food, the security and the locals; if you´ve always wondered about all these Eastern philosophies and lifestyles; in short - if you´ve always wanted to see a new world - then just click here. And you will be able to experience personally how Yoga in India differs from evening school in your local gym class.

Ask any travel agent about us, or contact us directly; we will be happy to provide any information about your personal holidays in India.


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